Itching for speaker and performance coaching help
like ... yesterday?

If you're feeling in a pinch ... and like you don't need all the bells & whistles that come with full, rehearsal development of a piece ... that's where power-hour calls with me come in helpful.


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Bring in your back-pocket theatre-friend to pull out the best from your you feel more prepared to showcase your talents, ideas, and skills  with confidence.

I'll hop on a call with you for some buffing, polishing, and working out any "sticky spots". 

When you book a Strategy Call, I'll bring my A-game to some 1-on-1 time with y-o-u.

✅ You’re getting a new presentation or performance off the ground (or an old one optimized), and want to invest your rehearsal and development time wisely from the beginning

✅ You're not too shabby as a speaker but need to loosen up & make your delivery, stories, or pitch sparkle ... AND "engage" your audience ... like the Star Trek Captain, Jean-Luc Picard, engages his ship (or so my sci-fi loving husband tells me)

✅ You've polished a performance to the point your eyeballs MAY fall out—it's time for a pro to take a looky-loo so your audience is happy to take immediate action after you wrap up your delivery  

✅ You've got a critical communication moment coming up & need the equivalent of a Home Edit makeover to sort/organize your  hook, intro, main points, stories, delivery, conclusion, and ideas

✅You've changed your presentation/performance so much since you started that it's got you paralyzed: after tackling the leg work, you THINK you have it nailed but are second-guessing it ... and too over-loaded to even know anymore

✅ It's time for a performance audit: pop the hood, take a look, and offer advice on some re-working awkward moments, clarity, transitions, effective body movements,  or tweaking

✅ You need a (as needed) by-the-hour clean up/deep dive of any part of your outline/scripting, staging, as you development your content for an audience as you go through the rehearsal process. 

A Strategy Call is perfect if ...

Like an on-demand communication doctor, I regularly hop on calls to
audit, review, & speed coach.

This is the service with you if you're on the prowl for:
✏️ Done-with-you speaker coaching that doesn't break the bank
✏️ A review of a current presentation, script outline, or story
✏️ By-the-hour speaker & performance consulting
✏️ A clean up/deep dive of any part of the rehearsal process that is holding you up

It's time to get clear, consistent, and calibrated so you can showcase your talents, skills, and ideas confidently.

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Borrow my brain while I unload all I've learned in two decades of acting, directing, & teaching communication.

With a Strategy Call, you get one entire hour of
intensive content tailored for your immediate needs.


Popular topics include performance/presentation audits, script outlining, story selection, and structure. We'll deep dive into your performance virtually and peek under the hood. During your application, you'll be able to give me details on what you want to discuss during our time together.

60-Minute Strategy Call


Each session is recorded, and after our conversation, you'll get an MP4 file of our conversation for your records.

Call Recording Download


Finally, you'll get a one-page PDF of key points we discussed, including any  storytelling formulas/structures or resources I recommended during our conversation. 

Wrap-Up PDF Tearsheet



• First come, first served availability

• Questionnaire prior to the call

• 1-pager note-taking doc 48-hours out


• Delivery within 24 hours of call

• Ability to download—the file is yours, we won't request to house it on our drives


• Lindsay's notes typed up for you

• A punch list of next steps to get started

• Resources for future support

So, here's how this situation works:

Think this is for you? Hit the "Apply" button.

^^^ Bring YOUR work to the call, and we'll more accomplished in less time. 



Complete a questionnaire prior to brain dump me your thoughts, and make sure it's in my hands 48 hours before we chat. Then, on our call day, prepare to show up & skip the small talk (I hope that's ok)—I want to max out the time you paid for. We'll hit the ground HARD since I've ramped up on your questionnaire before our call.



We might not be able to knock out the entire checklist of what you want to complete on your performance, but we might knock out a good chunk. No honest speaker coach can tell you 1 hour is enough to perfect an entire script or performance. What I can promise is a list of possibilities, hooks, great stories, fun angles, and ready-to test ideas.

At our time of log-off, I'll ask you my go-to question: Did you get at LEAST one idea you can turn around and implement. Afterward, I'll send over the recording & tear-sheet of ideas, and you're off to the races.



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What's the investment?

So, let's talk money.

How much does it cost to book time with me?

$300 for 1 hour of strategic consulting & COaching

Book one, book two, book three ... spread them out over your prep period or bunch 'em all together.

It's your call, you're the boss.

My standard is that you SHOULD be able to turn around with AT LEAST ONE idea you can make your presentation & delivery worth the call.

So yes. No tricks & smoke-and-mirrors: this is a REAL limited-time offer & introductory price.

Ready to showcase the BEST version of you to your audience... & get started?

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Apply for Your Strategy Call Today!

• 60-minute Strategy Call, just you & Lindsay
• Skip-the-line, first come, first served availability
• Call recording download within 24 hours
• Ramp-me-up questionnaire prior to the call
• 1-pager note-taking doc 48-hours out
• Lindsay's personal notes in a wrap-up PDF tearsheet

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How long before my presentation/performance do I need to book a call with you?

Weeeeellll, clients who book in advance end up being more prepared than “I needed this yesterday” last-minute types (you know the ones). The best results happen when we can get in front of a presentation together, but try me. ;)  In the end, it really depends on you.

What’s the turnaround time to work with you & your team?

This is why I like these calls—Strategy Calls are first come, first served based on my calendar.

For other my other services, expect 4 to 8 weeks on Outlining Ideas, Choosing, & Optimizing Stories for your topic, Rehearsal, and Final Run Through  of your presentation; 4 weeks on Performance Skill Development services. Great audience-centered performances aren't microwaved, so this isn't a 1-week process: it takes time.

What kinds of things do you discuss on these calls?

Here's the shortlist I'll ask you to pick from: Existing Script or Performance Audit, Brainstorming Stories to Support Your Big Idea, Awkward-moment Coaching, Movement Planning (blocking), Vocal Strategy, Introductions/Conclusion, Overall Audience- Engagement Strategy. 

What if I hate it—and I've spent money on the call?

My standard? You SHOULD be able to turn around with AT LEAST ONE idea you can improve your performance post-call. If I've not, I've not done my job. We'll make good on that by making sure you have $300 worth of value with this exchange, my promise.

Please fill out & submit the short application below to introduce yourself.

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