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Speaker & Performance Coach

Lindsay Weldon

Result of working with us:

"I've practiced what Lindsay taught and turned my presentations into something that not only got the sale, but left people saying thank you for coming. I would recommend Lindsay's approach to communication with any audience. Lindsay taught me that public speaking was more than just talking."

"after years of struggling to hone in my message, Lindsay helped me nail it down quickly."

James Murray
Founder of Executive Outliers

Result of working with us:

"I highly recommend Lindsay and her mad skills to anyone needing a little help with any sort of acting or public speaking. She has a gift!"

Lindsay has the ability to bring out a force out in others. To help them find themselves in a role, as to how only they would interpret it. And to do it like no one else. And she does it in a fun and engaging way!"

"Lindsay has the ability to bring out a force out in others."

Laurel Nickels
Proffessional Artist

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Learn how we can work together to you turn your ideas into a dynamic, story driven presentation that not only engages you audience--but also makes you look amazing.

Overwhelmed by the idea of editing and rehearsing your presentation on your own?

Here’s the thing...

your audience wants you to succeed... but they only give you a few seconds to convince them to keep listening.

It’s time to make sure your voice & body language supports your thoughtfully selected words:

Because if you can’t tell me who you are, what you do, why you do it, & how you do it differently—or better—than anyone else … then, we’ve got a problem.

How you say it matters even more than what you say

Best make sure you're ready to deliver them.

(That’s precisely what we’ll do together.)

Organize Your Message

Uplevel with messaging that conveys your value (and sells like the snack you are). Because not knowing what to say shouldn't hold you back from making sales. 

Stand Out with a Memorable Story

Because if YOU can’t sell me on why I should work with you … um, who will? Power-up your copy with my straightforward, simple strategies.

Feel Confident & Prepared to Engage

Sales copy done well is a sustainable marketing practice that works when you can’t. Let’s make you a game plan, yo.

Start the process

Here's my 3 Point System:


Get started clearing the emotional clutter by heading back to the data: let’s put our ear to the ground on what your prospects are *ach-u-ally* saying (or train you to with my Client & Customer Voice Hacking method inside Copywriting for Creatives), ‘cause dems the facts. Let's make data-driven decisions first.

Start with the Data


Then, we dial up the cocktail party charm: Let's layer in your sparkling personality, brand voice, and more brand story than is hiding out in your TBR book shelf. We'll simply insert them into my proven copy frameworks—like my A.R.T.I.S.T. About Page Formula or Sweet 16 Sales Page Template.

Stack in the Story


Finally, we help get your compelling copy edited, ~zhushched~, and launched to SELL. Words rock, but I’m not afraid to talk about money and metrics over here: get ready to woo some wallet-opening. You're gonna need to raid the champagne cabinet … ;)

Rehearse & Deliver  for Audience Engagement

"If you have a message within you that you want to get out, then Lindsay is the perfect person for you to talk to."

"I feel like I've listened to so many people who have the content and [their] words  are very impactful and meaningful, but they don't have skills to share that message... and it's such a disappointment.  

If you feel like you are the kind of person who has a message but you don't really know how to portray that message in a way that resonates with others, then Lindsay is totally someone you should get into contact with."

Sarah Christensen

Hey hey, I'm Lindsay!

FOUNDER & CEO OF Theater Thinking

We're a boutique copywriting business and marketing curriculum source for creatives like you. You should know this is no jack-of-all-trades sitch: I play favorites, and my faves are small business owners. Even while raking in more than 7-figures since I've been at it, I believe working from a place of rest (not hustle) IS possible—and I want the same for you.

Let's Steward Your Story to Stand Out & Sell

That's Me.

(And my husband & 3 sons)

More about Me


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Get yourself ready to:

Make a fantastic first impression

Feel you look confident.

Have more power behind your voice.

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     give your audience the best version of you.





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