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My Book Recommendations

Stop letting worry or critical self-talk hijack your thoughts and confidence. Start actively cheering for  yourself.   Why? As a speaker, you'll be able to show up ready to pour into your audience--rather than expecting them to validate you.  

No. 01

Validate Yourself - Don't Look for it From Others

Get introduced to improv exercises that can be applied to  your script for speaking. Basically, get your brain unstuck and reboot your creative thinking again.

No. 02

Use Improv to
Create Engaging Content

Some of us are naturally funny- others have to work on it. Learn how to use humor to connect with an audience and be more memorable. 

No. 03

Employ Humor
to Connect

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some of my FAVORITE OUTSIDE Inspiration

Talks & Videos

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No. 03

No. 02

"The Way of Improvisation"

"Using Body Language to Project Confidence"

Confidence is a Skill Built Through Action

"Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator"

Improviser and storyteller Dave Morris  inspires his speakers to have more fun in life taking advantage of each opportunity. His funny, heartfelt, and effective. Defiantly recommend this one to my friends and clients.

Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro explains how we can project confidence through our body language.  Incase you are less familiar with this topic, this is a crash course in the basics to start thinking about.

Mel Robbins is one of my favorite voices on confidence out there. When I heard this message originally, I was pumped because it's exactly how I feel about confidence. Confidence is being willing to try; it's something we develop.  

This is one of my kids favorite TED talks. Tim Urban captures their attention with vivid and relatable storytelling--that supports his big idea. Use this an  example of using a honestly and humor to break down barriers with an audience.  

Example: of Storytelling to Support a Main Message