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When it’s time for a top-shelf storytelling coach, get a theatre brain who can keep you audience-centered.*

*well, one who at LEAST geeks-out over turning words & story into visual and oral buffet for better engagement and conversion...
& still sounds like you.

Not knowing what to say—or being too idea rich & time poor to clearly craft it into a live or recorded presentation—shouldn’t be the thing holding you back from making sales, building trust, or accomplishing your goals.

Quite frankly, long as your communication skills aren’t winning you work, they could ALSO be losing you work.

Because no, your expertise—and creative brilliance—doesn’t always translate into a presentation that gets a standing ovation from an audience.

(Ouch, I know.)

THAT’S WHERE I Come IN, waterbottle & warm-ups IN HANd:

No matter how clever or how good you are at what you do, the performance side of these events can be anxiety provoking and intimidating. 

I started acting in middle school, studied it in college, became a historical-site tour guide, trained tour guides, taught improv & acted for years to youth and adults,  before starting my business after seeing a need for more entertaining storytelling in the world:


Before I noticed what was happening, I was a speaking, Performance, & Storytelling coach.

I’ve seen how transferable acting skills are to sincere and engaging communication in my real life. Knowing how to get the most out of your mind, body, and voice will not only make you look confident and competent but will aid you in connecting with the people you are speaking to and create positive emotions people remember.  

After 1,000's of hours on stage, directing, teaching classes, training tour guides, and giving presentations, I've developed coaching techniques that get better results for performers and speakers.

I’m here to help you engage, empower, and connect with your audience when you speak or perform, so you’re positioned as a trusted, relatable leader who people want to work with and support.

Let me help you get the results what you want as a speaker and performer.

I hold a BA in Theatre Arts with an focus on Acting, Directing, and Educational Theatre from Western Washington University. I interned at the Seattle Children's Theatre and have managed afterschool drama clubs, taught classes & workshops.
Additionally, I learned how to sharing information clearly, respectfully, and with a sense of humor as a tour guide & trainer for a religious historical site that received 5 million visitors from around the world annually--including VIP guests (dignitaries, world leaders, ambassadors, celebrities).


I take a different approach to communication and storytelling coaching:

We can have daring conversations about anything if… psychological safety is cultivated. We will do our best to first help you to feel safe working with us and --even with yourself.

I don’t keep secrets or formulas to myself: Instead, I aim to create at LEAST 1 free training or tutorial for every topic I’m asked about.

I don’t believe in hiring a coach every time you need to speak or work on your messaging: you CAN be your own best coach, given the right frameworks.




When it's time for your vocal words to stir action within your listeners...
... instead of floating around their heads--like dust--never landing more than a second,—& generally *not* helping you get those future opportunities…

Well, well, what do you know, you saucy scrolling minx you:
 Ya hit the call-to-action part of the page—

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My Mottos:

The Personal-ish Questionaire

"Don't be a don't do-er." ... AND....  "Get on your feet and start working it out."

Bloom of choice:

Lilacs and hydrangeas

favorite season:

Fall and Late Spring/Early Summer

Favorite Heros:

Jesus--the Christ, Matilda from "Matilda" (by Roald Dahl),  and my kids each day they do something brave

Favorite dessert:

Julia Child's Chocolate Almond Cake (without Rum/coffee...and instead with amaretto syrup)

First Music I ever bought:

No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom Album-- for Song No. 3- "I'm Just a Girl" (I was in 7th grade)

 give your audience the best version of you.





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