I'm an actor, director, teaching artist, improvisor, and lifelong storyteller.

Have you ever shared a great idea only to find that others didn't get it?  

I have.

My goal is to prepare you to share your ideas creatively, authentically, and persuasively. Together we're going to eradicate superficial storytelling and boring content.

I have 20+ years of experience in the theatre arts. I've adapted performance principles and techniques for nonactors whose content and audience-delivery need a shot of creativity, humanity, and fun to move their people to take action.

As a speaking and performance coach, I think we need to tell better stories in business. We need to present, sell, and advocate big ideas in exciting ways. The challenge is not getting hung-up on perfection before these tools ever see the light of day.

The bottom line: engaging content connects with people emotionally and moves them to take action. I am obsessed with helping people make these connections.

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Lindsay Weldon
Speaking & Performance Coach

I started acting in middle school, studied how to teach acting in college, became a historical tour guide, and taught improv for years to youth and adults.

I starting my coaching business, Theater Thinking, after seeing a need  for more joyful-play driven communication coaching in the market.

Where my storytelling began

I have a sensational family.

This is us... surrounded by  wheat fields.