"Ignite Your Influence: Shine in Every Conversation

Step into a realm where every word you speak radiates with clarity and Connection. 

Audience -centric Mentality

Learn how to utilize theatrical techniques to elevate your communication, making each interaction more engaging, impactful, and memorable.

Vocal Control

Master the art of vocal modulation and projection, ensuring your message is heard clearly and powerfully.

Emotional Expression

Develop skills to convey emotions authentically, making your communication more relatable and impactful.

Body Language Mastery

Learn to use non-verbal cues effectively, enhancing your ability to persuade and connect with your audience.

Confidence Building

From your feet to your head, develop skills to convey emotions authentically, making your communication more relatable and impactful.

Audience Engagement

Gain techniques to captivate and maintain your audience's attention, transforming your presentations into memorable experiences.

Elevated Storytelling

Enhance your ability to craft and deliver captivating stories, making your communication more persuasive and memorable for every listener.

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Hi, I'm Lindsay Weldon. Let's elevate your speaking with the Theater Arts.

Theatre Infused Communication Coaching

Theater   Thinking



Blending over 25 years of theater experience with practical communication skills, I'm here to help you shine as a speaker. It's not just about delivering a message; it's about captivating your audience with authenticity and confidence.

From my early days in theater to guiding others in public speaking, my journey is about empowering yours. Whether it's a key presentation, leading a team, or simply expressing yourself with assurance, I tailor my approach to fit your unique story.

At Theater Thinking, we transform speaking into performance. We harness the art of storytelling, the power of gesture, and the impact of a resonant voice.

Ready to make your communication stand out? Let's make your voice heard, where every word counts and every speech is a performance.

Our focus is on real-life application. The skills and techniques you'll learn with me are practical, not just theoretical. They're designed for everyday use, whether you're addressing a packed auditorium or engaging a small team. Together, we’ll work on transforming your communication skills, infusing them with the finesse and confidence of a seasoned performer.

Remember, excellence in communication doesn't happen overnight. It's a journey, and as your coach, I'm here to accelerate your progress. By combining your experiences with my expertise, we can enhance both your perspective and efficiency in learning. The goal? To turn your communication challenges into your greatest strengths. So let's start this journey, because when you speak, it's not just about being heard — it's about being remembered.

I want you to look fantastic-o!

How Theater Thinking can help:

  • Break the Mundane Mold: Move beyond the bare minimum effort that audiences have come to expect.

  • Minimal Effort, Maximum Impact: Learn how slight enhancements can significantly elevate your presentations.

  • Become the Audience's Favorite: Captivate and energize your audience, standing out as a memorable speaker.

Public speaking is often introduced in school, where the focus is usually on just scraping by with the basics. Unfortunately, for many, that's where formal learning ends, leaving communication skills to be self-taught in the midst of career demands. My approach bridges this gap, offering a structured yet creative way to evolve these fundamental skills into a powerful tool for success in any professional setting.

When you do you start to:

We all started somewhere.

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Figure above: The Evolution Chart of Charismatic Speaker and Performer

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