Relish in connecting with your audience rather than avoiding filler words (like um + ah).

Present as the confident, competent, and convincing communicator your audience deserves.

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2 Hour Intensive

Option No. 1

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In a pinch? Itching for some communication coaching yesterday? Don't need all the bells and whistles? That's where the 2 Hour-shesh coaching power hour calls with me come in handy.

Essentially, this is a "Pick my brain" session. I'll bring my A-game and pencil to the table for 1-on-1 time with y-o-u.


Option No. 2

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My speaking and performance coaching skills. All yours. For one creative-fun-filled day.

We meet over Zoom and talk about the copy you need (a captivating sales page, emails that people open, read & respond to, etc.)

Then we spend 6 hours (plus breaks) workshopping, outlining, rehearsing whatever you want. By that evening, everything is done. You'll performance is closer to being used right away!