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If your speaking performances* aren't getting you audience engagement, then they're PROBABLY limiting your opportunities.

* public speaking, presentations, stage performances, video recordings, etc. 

^^^ And that’s exactly what we’ve helped leaders, speakers, and even actors fix.

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Sure, it’d be fab to show up and say, “Trust me. You need this thing. You should buy it, do, it, live it, research it, whatever ... " while your listeners just take your word for it.

But that's ~not~ how communication works.

To bring all your audience to the yard, you need persuasive WORDS  AND DELIVERY that pull their weight & bring people along on your storytelling adventure. 

It's time to let your passion and personality be highlighted in it's most compelling you can truly reflects the value of your message, become that trusted, audience-centered performer with a killer delivery under your belt ... 


... build the kind of engaged audience that only comes with great communication skills.

When you're ready to ...

... work with people who can help you elevate your delivery into an opportunity to drive action. 

... stand out in an saturated market with a CLEAR AUDIENCE-CENTERED message & delivery strategy.

... sound like yourself in the process—you know, like your cool, relaxed self 

... get specialized advice, mentorship, coaching as you develop your words, story, + performance for an audience.

Let’s get you adored—not ignored—in a sea of "okay" speaker performances....

... WITHOUT THE PREDICTABLE "Public Speaker" ROUTINE that ALMOST every Audience tunes out.


Strategy Call



from $300 USD

First come, first served

1-on-1 audits of recorded performance, speed-outlining sessions, or coaching

Pay by the hour for only what you need

Call Recording and write up of Lindsay's notes post-call

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✏️ You've got a presentation or performance coming up & need the equivalent of a Home Edit makeover to sort/organize your ideas,  iron out your intro, main points, messages, delivery strategy, give tips on your vocal or physicality, and/or conclusion. 

✏️ You've worked on your own so often it's got you paralyzed: after tackling the leg work, you THINK you have your presentation or performance mostly nailed down, but are second guessing it ... and too over-loaded to even know anymore

✏️ It's time for a performance audit: pop the hood, take a look, and offer advice on some re-working or tweaking for next time. (Recorded video of you or live)

In a pinch? Itching for some communication coaching yesterday? Don't need all the bells and whistles? That's where the 60-min.-shesh coaching power hour calls with me come in hot.

This service is for you if you're on the prowl and...

Essentially, this is a "Pick my brain" session. I'll bring my A-game and  pencil to the table for 1-on-1 time with y-o-u.

Call in the doc & let's get you performance ready to covers every penny of your investment.

Develop Your Content for an Audience



from $1,200 USD

Typically a 4 week process

Audience-Centered script outline creation, content development, & rehearsal for performance.

Written Outline of Your Performance, Rehearsed & Ready to Deliver to your Audience

Engaging Presentation (scripted, rehearsed) for an 18+ minute audience-centered presentation.

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✏️ You’re looking for a strategic overhaul of your current presentation or performance.

✏️ It's time to get someone else to help you make your ideas sound as good as you know they are to an audience.

✏️ You're too close to your genius, and have hacked at your presentation for weeks (or longer).

✏️ You've got a critical communication moment on the horizon ... aaaaaand lorem ipsum coming out of your ears, because there's so much to figure out that you haven't yet gotten you head around it. 

A done-with-you, high-level strategy & scriptwriting service to marry your ideas with your voice & physical delivery that sell—so you can crush your communication goals, build trust with your audience, by letting your presentation/performance do the heavy lifting.

This service is for you if you're on the prowl and...

Your audience should dictate your words and delivery, not the other way around, so we'll hash through your research, ideas to outline a script, rehearse it, and before you have to get up in front of your audience to perform.

It's time to get clear, consistent, and calibrated. Let's showcase your ideas, value, and expertise by make sure your delivery & storytelling supports your words- rather than distract, confuse, &/or bores... your audience. 

Skill Development School



from $800 USD

4  week process with
2 Projects

Gain REAL Experience learning and using Communication & Storytelling Skills in a safe low-stakes setting.

Sharpen Your Skills through 2 Communication Projects

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✏️ You’re looking to tighten up or have a refresh your communication & storytelling skills.  

✏️ You need a way to develop your communication skills before a high risk critical communication moment  arises--and you don't feel ready.

✏️ You're realizing that as you excel in your career path, and are seen as a leader, you'll need to deepen your communication abilities--or risk being overlooked for new opportunities. 

A done-with-you, hands on skill development intensive --created to help you reach your communication goals. Learn new skills and put them into action in the 2  projects you have over our month together--meeting weekly for 60 minutes.  

This service is for you if you're on the prowl and...

We’ll become you private teacher, speaker coach, and storytelling mentor as we design a mini- learning intensive for a month. You'll get instruction and be assigned 2 projects ("homework") for you to complete that will develop your performative communication skills and help you reach your goals. 

Because, if you’re going to spend time LEARNING about communication but don't have any time on stage (i.e. experience) trying them out in a low risk setting, then when you go to present to an audience (for real--and with higher stakes)—your going to be second guessing yourself--and it will affect your audience's impression of you and your message. 

… WE're standing by and ready to help.

I'll treat your performance like my own ...

... which means we don’t work with just anyone.

To respect your time (and mine) an application will help fast-track if we’re a fit or not–’cause when we are? Oh baby. Get ready for some magic.

We tend to book out—go ahead and fill out an application TODAY. Clients who book in advance end up being more prepared than “I needed this yesterday” last-minute types (you know the ones).

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