In a pinch? Itching for some communication coaching yesterday? Don't need all the bells and whistles...but need more time than a 1 hour call? That's where the 2 hour Intensive coaching call with me come in hot.

2 Hour Intensives are  ways to get bursts of performative work done. I usually recommend it over a one-hour coaching call, especially if you know you want to workshop your piece, have longer pieces,  or more questions. I just hate to end a session if you get into a flow and realize times up.

I bring 25+ years of experience in the theatre --acting, leading workshops, teaching improv, scripting, rehearsing-- plus my directing and coaching chops—to siphon off all the lessons I’ve learned applying the arts to daily communication --to help you better craft and deliver ideas that —build trust, engagement, and likeability with your audience.

What do you get?

During this 2 Hour Intensive, you get 2 hours of strategy, coaching, vocal and physical feedback, & to the point suggestions on things like:

  • If your "Big Idea" is clear
  • Impact of Your Delivery (Does it make sense? Will the audience respond positively? etc.)
  • Rough Spots to Workshop/Rehearse in Your Delivery
  • Feeling Comfortable in Your Body (What do do with your hands, posture, etc.)
  • Vocal Choices & variety (So you don't put people to sleep)
  • Movements that don't distract your audience
  • Tips on telling better Stories
  • Intros and positive feedback loops that reduce nerves
  • Conclusions, wraps ups, CTA's,
  • How to self-correct and best practices when asking for feedback

…basically, whatever you need help with! We'll get as much done as we can in the time we have. (But we might not get to it all.) 

How does it work?

We’ll meet over Zoom (PST) for 120 minutes to get done as much as possible, prioritizing your critical goals, in the time we have. 

I'll dig into whatever content you want to work on/create, presentation, performance you want me to provide feedback, coaching, and/or direction.

In the following 1-2 business days after your Intensive, I’ll provide links and a summary of my notes, and anything we created during our day (recordings, outline, brainstorm, blocking, checklists, warm-up ideas, vocal exercises, etc.). If requested, I can also provide a recording of our Zoom Call.

What’s the price for a 2 Hour Intensive?

Your investment for a 2 Hour Intensive with me is $500 (USD).

Payment will be  required to book your date.

There are no refunds for a 2 Hour Intensive. Please make sure this feels like “a thousand times, yes” prior to booking!

How do I book my date?

To snag a spot in my 2023-2024 calendar, send an email to and let me know that you want to schedule a 2 Hour Intensive and a little about what you’d like to accomplish in that time.

I’ll send you back 3 possible dates and once you select your perfect date, we’ll get you booked!

If you have any questions about a 2 Hour Intensive, please send me an email.

Can’t wait to work with you!



✏️ You've got a presentation or performance coming up & need the equivalent of a Home Edit makeover to sort/organize your ideas, iron out your intro, main points, messages, delivery strategy, give tips on your vocal or physicality, and/or conclusion.

✏️ You've worked on your own so often it's got you paralyzed: after tackling the leg work, you THINK you have your presentation or performance mostly nailed down, but are second guessing it ... and too over-loaded to even know anymore

✏️ It's time for a performance audit: pop the hood, take a look, and offer advice on some re-working or tweaking for next time. (Recorded video of you or live)

Essentially, this is a "Pick my brain" session. I'll bring my A-game and pencil to the table (or stage) for 1-on-1 time with y-o-u. Let's get you performance ready to cover every penny of your investment.