VIP Days are a pretty simple proposition.

I bring 25+ years of experience in the theatre --acting, leading workshops, teaching improv, scripting, rehearsing-- plus my directing and coaching chops—to siphon off all the lessons I’ve learned applying the arts to daily communication --to help you better craft and deliver ideas that —build trust, engagement, and likeability with your audience.

VIP days are ideal if you’re itching for comprehensive feedback, suggestions, and sparkles to make your performance  binge-worthy.

What do you get?

During this VIP day, you get 6 total hours of strategy, coaching, vocal and physical feedback, sparkles & in-depth suggestions on things like:

  • Your "Big Idea"--and outlining your presentation/Scripting 
  • Developing your ideas for an audience (rehearsal experiments)
  • Feeling Comfortable in Your Body (What do do with your hands, posture, etc.)
  • Vocal Choices & strength of healthy vocal cords
  • Rehearsing Content
  • Your Speaking Style- Strengths and Things to Watch out For
  • Planning Movements, Transitions for better engagement
  • Telling Stories that influence and build trust
  • Intros and positive feedback loops that reduce nerves
  • Conclusions, wraps ups, CTA's,
  • FAQ's
  • How to self-correct and best practices when asking for feedback

…basically, whatever you need help with!

Who is this perfect for?

⭐ Entrepreneurs with an upcoming speaking presentation who need a savvy set of eyeballs to spot what’s working, what’s not, and how to make your performance more dynamic and compelling.

⭐ Business leaders who feel totally “meh” about their presentation & content. Everything feels like a bore and a chore. Gah, where is the fun?!?

⭐ Actors with significant performances OR upcoming theatre college admissions auditions... who seek a day to workshop and rehearse or fine-tune their monologues so they feel authentic, grounded, and  entertain their audience .

⭐ Anyone who has going after an opportunity but something’s not clicking with your performance. Lemme take a peek!

Please note: VIP Days are a speaking and performance development & strategy done-with-you service. While I offer plenty of suggested communication and performance ideas for you to use right away, this isn’t a service that includes rounds of follow-up rehearsals after our day ends.

This service is perfect if you have an existing "big idea" semi-outlined  or source material to work from—and want an experienced theatre-eye to help you express your unique voice, optimize your individual speaking style, and motivate your audience to take action. 

How does it work?

We’ll meet in the morning over Zoom (PST) for 60 minutes to strategize. During our chat, I’ll ask questions to bubble all of your passion, ideas, & personality to the surface! Pulling your whole personality into your work = more profits and less heartache. 

We'll I spend the rest of the day over Zoom  (5 hours + breaks) digging into whatever content you want to work on/create, presentation, performance you want me to provide feedback, coaching, and/or direction.

In the following 1-2 business days after your VIP Day, I’ll provide links and a summary of my notes, and anything we created during our day (recordings, outline, brainstorm, blocking, checklists, warm-up ideas, vocal exercises, etc.).

What’s the price for a VIP day?

Your investment for a VIP date with me is $2,000 (USD).

Payment will be in two installments of $1,000. The first installment is required to book your date, and the 2nd installment is due before your VIP date.

There are no refunds for VIP days. Please make sure this feels like “a thousand times, yes” prior to booking!

How do I book my date?

To snag a spot in my 2023 calendar, send an email to and let me know that you want to schedule a VIP day and a little about what you’d like to accomplish on that day.

I’ll send you back 3 possible dates and once you select your perfect date, we’ll get you booked!

If you have any questions about VIP days, please send me an email.

Can’t wait to work with you!